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Hotel and Venue Locations

The location of the hotels for the conference can be seen on the map shown .. here .. Please note that the maps shown the on the web sites of the hotels themselves may be a little hard to follow.

Travel to Venue

Getting to Zagreb by air

Useful links: Transportation to/from the airport

The cheapest option to get to the city is by public transportation. There is an airport shuttle bus, operated by "Pleso prijevoz". Please note that public transportation fares are only payable in Croatian Kuna (HRK). A one-way ticket costs 30 HRK and may be bought from the driver. (Approximate exchange rate as of October 2007 is 1 EUR = 7.4 HRK and 1 USD = 5.3 HRK.)

The bus has two terminals, one located at the Airport, and the other, located at the Main Bus Station in Zagreb (Autobusni kolodvor, Avenija Marina Drzica). The bus terminal at the Airport is located just outside the airport building. Buses run at half-hour intervals. See bus schedule.

Once at the Main Bus Station bus station, you can take a tram to your hotel. If you decide to take a tram, a single tram ticket costs 6.50 HRK when bought in advance (kiosk or newspaper stand - "Tisak", "Duhan"), and 8.00 HRK when bought from the driver. Remember to validate (stamp) your ticket once you get into the tram (look for an orange stamping machine). The ticket is valid for valid for 90 minutes when travelling in one direction.

A more comfortable and more expensive option to get to the hotel from the airport or from the Main Bus Station is to take a taxi.

Getting to Zagreb by car

A driver's licence, car papers and all relevant insurance documents (except for countries that have other regulations) are necessary to enter Croatia with a vehicle.

If you decide to rent a car, you can do it at the airport, as well as in the city, but it is generally a good idea to make your reservations in advance.

Croatian National Tourist Board provides more information.

Weather forecast

You can check the latest weather forecast for Zagreb here.